LiteSpeed web server – What is it ?


LiteSpeed web server – What is it ?

LiteSpeed Web Server is the leading high-performance, high-scalability web server from LiteSpeed technologies. LiteSpeed  server can be used to replace an Apache server without changing any other programs or operating system details. It  can be integrated without breaking anything. As such, LiteSpeed Web Server can quickly replace a major bottleneck in your existing web hosting platform.

With its comprehensive range of features and easy-to-use web administration console, LiteSpeed Web Server can help you conquer the challenges of deploying an effective web hosting infrastructure.

Hosting providers that use LiteSpeed often have less crowded servers, which may be a benefit for shared hosting customers, since it can result in better speeds.

LiteSpeed is miles ahead of Apache when it comes to the performance side and the implementation of HTTP/3. They continue to make improvements to HTTP/2, and are making WordPress run more efficiently.

LiteSpeed Web Server Features

LiteSpeed Web Server outperforms the competition in terms of raw speed and scalability. When it comes to serving PHP content, LiteSpeed outperforms Apache. It’s an excellent hosting platform for serving WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal websites because it boosts PHP’s performance and protection.

Performance & Scalability

Via its special event-driven architecture, LiteSpeed Web Server improves the efficiency and scalability of web hosting platforms. It can support thousands of clients at the same time while using very few server resources like memory and CPU.

The LiteSpeed Web Server’s specially designed and optimized code boosts PHP performance while still serving static websites faster than Apache. It is capable of managing unexpected traffic spikes as well as assisting in the management of DDOS attacks without the use of DDOS mitigation hardware.

LiteSpeed Web Server Editions

There are three versions of the LiteSpeed web server. The following editions are listed:

  1. OpenLiteSpeed Edition – This edition is generally used for large, high-traffic websites. However, this edition is not compatible with any hosting control panel. It’s an open source edition and free for personal and commercial uses.
  2. Standard Edition – This edition is generally used for small, low-traffic websites and is also compatible with hosting control panels such as WHM/cPanel & DirectAdmin. This edition is also free and can be used for personal or commercial purposes.
  3. Enterprise Edition – This edition is widely used for large, high-traffic websites and is compatible with multiple hosting control panels. The enterprise edition is widely used by leading web hosting organizations to provide an excellent web hosting experience for their valuable clients. Enterprise edition has the highest level of stability and is supported by cPanel. It also integrates with DirectAdmin control panel.



LitSpeed Web Server is compatible with Apache’s mod_security feature and has built-in anti-DDoS capability. With customizable features such as per-IP connections and bandwidth throttling, IPs that make too many connections or requests or ask for too much bandwidth are blocked, stopping attackers before they overrun your server.

Cost Effective

Switching to LiteSpeed from Apache is an easy task and very cost effective in terms of support costs. LiteSpeed’s licensing costs are quite low compared to any hardware upgrades required to optimize a server running Apache. Additionally, LiteSpeed’s unique features help reduce support costs by providing an optimized, secure, and stable hosting platform. This in turn gives support technicians and administrators peace of mind instead of dealing with an overloaded server.

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