Best Web Hosting information

If you are looking for best web hosting for yourself and you can not decide which one to choose, then you are in the right place.
I work as a web designer/developer for about 10 years and from my experience I give you this web hosting information.
I hope that information will be valuable and of great benefit to you.

best web hosting information for your business

Best web hosting list by my experience is here.

On this best web hosting list – This is the best hosting currently on the market.
They offer several specialized packages. Under the Basic hosting service they offer shared hosting, hosting service package, specialized WordPress Hosting package, specialized Woocommerce package and etc.

They also offer Cloud hosting Reseller hosting, Enterprise Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Student Hosting and etc.
Their special attention is on the security and speed of your website. One of big advantage is that the SSL certificate is included in every package under no cost. The speed of their servers is at the very top and the uptime is 99,9%.

Also, the customer’s support is one of the best. The prices are quite affordable and with the promotions they regularly have, alongside the exquisite performances they provide makes them the best Hosting service today.

Hostinger is on well deserved high place position on this list. Alongside the quality they provide, their frequent discounts and promotions keep drawing ever growing attention of all users.
Best-in-class WordPress Hosting performance – their servers are adjusted for highest WordPress platform performances With Average WordPress response time of 123 ms.

The services they provide are: Shared Hosting, Web hosting, Cloud hosting, Vps Hosting and all under affordable prices. The servers are using SSD discs that ensure faster loading of your website pages.
The downside is that the free SSL is offered under premium package. If you require SSL (which is a necessity today) you will have to purchase it additionally.
Overall impression: Hosting with top performances under reasonable price.

They are here on my best web hosting list because I and all my clients had great possible experience with them.
Rarely when their servers are unavailable, they solve such problems very quickly. Customer support is excellent and all problems are solved in the shortest possible time.
According to me, the biggest drawback of this hosting is the high cost of hosting service renewal, which is not in promo price, but it is excellent service.
In the package, you get everything unlimited, but you need to make sure that your site does not burden their servers.

This is an excellent hosting provider, which is scalable and eco-friendly.
They have the Green Hosting label, because they have their own non-polluting sources of energy – and have included this novel among the first.
They all offer unlimited access to affordable prices with frequent promotions and a wide range of features. All plans are with SSD Disks. Their support is excellent and have high quality servers. Most users have a great deal of praise for their work.

This is one of the best web hosting companies in Europe. They have been dealing with this business for a long time and all have led to perfection. They represent the best business hosting in the region.
They offer several packages for Shared hosting. Servers are built on Linux platforms, have CPanel and support through ticket. They guarantee 99% uptime for their servers, which have enviable performance.
As for prices, the prices are very affordable. The big plus for this hosting is that they introduced a special panel for the domain. From now on, if you buy a domain with them, you will be able to easily manage the dns records and the domain from their panel.
Also, the big plus is that you get a free SSL certificate with packages (except the basic package), which is very important on today’s Internet.
Among other things, they offer Audio Hosting (radio), as well as renting their own servers (several packages), private virtual servers (VPS) and Dedicated servers.
Of all the services, SMS marketing (sending SMS messages to a large number of users) is offered in several interesting packages.

This company offers its services since 2001 and is well known for its good offer and price, with occasional useful actions.
They offer their services to high-quality servers running Linux operating system. Fantastic performance also guarantees excellent uptime. From the user panel (Cpanel) they offer a large number of functions. Customer support is top-notch and quickly solves tasks. They also represent Green web hosting because their servers use their own sources of electricity. They offer you 90 days for refund if you change your mind. Also, they offer free credits for Google, Bing and Yahoo ads.

This is also one of the world’s best hosting companies. They exist for a long time and do their job well.
They have several different hosting packages. As for prices, they are on average, but they also have frequent actions to be used.

In addition to classical shared hosting, they offer non-profit hosting, student web hosting, e-commerce hosting, ASP.NET hosting, vps, cloud, dedicated servers …

Servers are with Unlimited ULTRA SSD Storage, Unlimited Storage Space, Free SSL Encryption.

They offer a large number of functions within the Cpanel. Excellent customer support will come to your door in the shortest possible time. Their users – on the Internet – have a lot of positive ratings for them.

Why is Mochahost on this list? Simple – it is cheap hosting with great performance !

On the Internet for them, you can find many nice words. Rare are those who have some remark.
They have several packages, including an option – all unlimited. They have relatively affordable prices and frequent shares, so they are excellent professional hosting.
They offer a large number of additional tools, including seo optimization tools (free). With each package you get an unlimited SSL certificate! Great recommendation for this hosting.
They have excellent support and high quality servers. They guaranty  uptime  100% !

Hetzner – one of the best European hosting companies. Their servers are located all over the world so you can choose the closest location for your site.
With all packages you get a free domain and SSL certificate. The prices are average (not very cheap) and expressed in Euro, but the quality certainly has.

In addition to the basic offer of shared hosting packages, they have dedicated hosting packages, cloud hosting, colocation and storage.

Customer Support is 24/7 and is great.

They also use energy from renewable sources to power the servers in its data centers.

This is also one of the world’s best hosting companies. They exist for a very long time and do their job very well.
They have several hosting plans, including – all unlimited. Free SSL with all plans. As for prices, they are not very cheap, but they have very frequent discounts. They offer a large number of functions within the Cpanel. Excellent customer support will come to your door in the shortest possible time.

Their users – on the Internet – have a lot of positive ratings for them. They have the Green Web hosting label, because they are committed to reducing electricity consumption, their own resources.